Tuesday, October 18, 2005

That picture's moment of all Finnish Deaf people marching to Parliament house. The reason of the march is to gain more interpreting services. The Prime Minister of Finland addressed in front of us as well with other political leaders, giving their support to the Finnish Deaf people’s needs. so i thought it's cool moment.
does it happen in ur country? In ireland, we did had one just recently this year for different reason. Hopefully we do it again soon. It's Deaf pride thing to do.

How do we define the Deafness?

Here at Frontrunners, we have a lot of debates concerning Deafness. We discuss things such as:

How to define deafness?
What kind of people can be involved in the Deaf Community/Deaf Culture?
Should it be called ‘Deaf Culture’?
Do you have to be a big D to be involved in the Deaf Community?
Is it difficult for mainstreamed people or late deafened people to fit in the deaf community?

Today we had Hilde Haualand in class; she gave a talk about her study in Anthropology. She mentioned her theory about defining deafness; she said Deafhood’s a possible solution for overall identity on deafness. So my thoughts on that are that Deafhood matches the western countries such as Europe, USA, Australia and NZ because these countries believe in individuals compared to other countries that believe in groups or teamwork etc. I believe calling the identity Deafhood is a suitable solution for individuals.

Check out our weekly report for more information.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Welcome to my blog. Hope you will enjoy surfing in this blog.

Will update many photos into this blog. Mostly about in Catberggåard.